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[DLC] T-80U

My first dwelling into the MBT world, this time recreating one of my favourite tanks: the T-80UThis tank is simplified for the purposes of allowing a single player to fend off most ground vehicles (especially AI), hence the 1-crew setup. Though the exterior was recreated with the intention of resemb

Size: 0.521 MB Author: Kobra Updated: 25 Nov @ 10:21am
Type IV Coastal U-Boot

Introducing : Type IV Coastal U Boot Background Info :In 1937, Germany is building a large number of submarines to expand its navy. A new prototype of light unterseeboote is commissioned : Designated as "Type IV", those small vessels are perfect for coastal defence operations, crew training and stea

Size: 2.811 MB Author: SierraFox Updated: 30 Nov, 2022 @ 6:52am
Industrial DLC Improved Resource Trading

This fixes the default resourse trading addon, to add more easily reachable access to ore processing locations. The access is built with trains and land vehicles usage in mind but I suppose aircrafts of some sorts can benefit from this addon as well.Most importantly this addon fixes the problem wher

Size: 2.380 MB Author: Zizo Updated: 2 Dec @ 12:23pm
Ignis 6x6 - Offroad Fire Engine

Scarborough Rescue Service Vehicle CollectionThe Ignis 6x6 is an offroad all round fire engine designed to deal with all kind of emergencies, from assisting with direct fire fighting to a passive tanker.Startup - Ignition - ON - Headlights - ON - Parking brake - OFFMonitor(Water cannon) - Enable mon

Size: 1.244 MB Author: Olli_DXD Updated: 26 Nov @ 4:03pm
Salvage Barge

Salvage barge with 4 gantry’sEach gantry had 3 winches, the gantry’s can move forward and aft each winch can be individually controlled or all together4x salvage pump/fire pump/anchor winch2x generatorAll hull areas accessible from engine rooms. Pumping points allow draining after damageSalvage

Size: 6.012 MB Author: Sheppey05 Updated: 2 Dec @ 5:32am
Ignis 10x10 - Offroad Tanker

Scarborough Rescue Service Vehicle CollectionThe Blackbird/Skytech Ignis 10x10 is a heavy duty offroad all round fire tanker designed to primarily act as passive tanker, but can assist with direct fire fighting. With it's massive water capacity of over 20,000 liters, you can be sure that even in rem

Size: 1.289 MB Author: Olli_DXD Updated: 26 Nov @ 12:12pm
S/S Bitumia [Multiplayer Steam Tanker]

S.S Bitumia is a coal fired fully functional steam tanker. Designed with a balance between detail and performance optimization.2 tanks with a total combined volume of 100 000 liters. If the manifold is handled ideally (hook up all connections including the hoses) the ship will be fully loaded in abo

Size: 7.282 MB Author: Rice Oo Cooker Updated: 29 Nov @ 4:10am

The real question you should be asking yourself is why don't you want chickens all over your world?

Size: 0.239 MB Author: Crash BeamNG Updated: 26 Nov @ 3:37pm
SS Zest


Size: 1.603 MB Author: matthiesendaniel42 Updated: 25 Nov @ 11:43am
Nysch Additional Career Mode Settings Addon

An addon created by Nysch to adjust initial settings for a new career mode game. Includes a few settings normally adjustable via career mode, but a few original options as well. Notably respawning with flashlight and binoculars upon death. Settings are locked after a new game start to lessen the tem

Size: 0.133 MB Author: jerryfanfan Updated: 3 Dec @ 7:40pm
ZTZ-96 (Type 96 MBT) China PLA Chinese Main Battle Tank 1 player ver

What's this? This is a vehicle referencing Chinese ZTZ-96(Type 96 tank) Main Battle Tank ZTZ-96 is a Chinese second generation main battle tank (MBT). wiki page here How is this working? Specifications or Features : 140% scaled. War thunder Style movement controlling. 1 player controllin

Size: 0.909 MB Author: Pyo Updated: 30 Nov @ 1:10pm
Sturmtiger | 38cm RW61 auf Sturmmorser Tiger

Sturmtiger The origins of the Sturmtiger, started with a call from the German Army for a heavy howitzer specifically to help in urban combat, where a well-defended building could hold up an attack or otherwise be resilient against even ‘normal’ caliber artillery fire. What was needed was a gun

Size: 0.446 MB Author: Erik coolman Updated: 26 Nov @ 9:42am
HMS Exeter (Sinkable)

(Fictional)Described as "the most graceless ship to date", the ungainly HMS Exeter, while not exactly the most beautiful ship to emerge from the ironclad era, was one of the tougher ones. It had some of the thickest armor ever fitted to a warship, A partially armored deck, two beefy twin cannon turr

Size: 13.727 MB Author: mcsteve89 Updated: 26 Nov @ 11:43am
NordahlLunden Helios TTS - Transponder Trilateration System


Size: 0.188 MB Author: qwop Updated: 26 Nov @ 12:38pm
Vlasko Systems HUD

Vlasko Systems HUD This HUD contains all the necesary features while mantaining a simple aesthetic. If you like the HUD please don´t forget to like it :D Read Me You don´t have any permission on reuploading any form of these vehicle or any components that forms it. Please if you use this HUD o

Size: 0.198 MB Author: Teniente Vlaskovich Updated: 27 Nov @ 1:59am
P-61 "Black Widow" Night Fighter

Not intended to be used with infinite fuelThe P-61 was the first operational US aircraft designed specifically as a night fighter. The first Test flight was in 1942, and it remained in government service until 1954. A total of 707 were built.I tried to make it as accurate as possible. It features tw

Size: 0.842 MB Author: Astropig_321 Updated: 27 Nov @ 9:03pm
TP-2 [Optimized Plane]

OK Hello everyone, TP-2 This is a small aircraft without particularly complex systems and well-designed decor, but at the same time it is ideal for battles in multiplayer)You can gather with friends, put 10-20 of these aircraft and take a break from building your buildings. This plane does not have

Size: 0.318 MB Author: HYANEN Updated: 28 Nov @ 8:09am
Pride of York RO/RO Ferry *UPDATED* (MODDED)

Originally built in 1986, the Pride of York was refurbished and refitted in 2001 before entering service as part of our Hull to Zeebrugge fleet and getting her new name in 2003.With several bars, restaurants, a casino, shops and a show lounge spread across her 7 decks, she also has room for 880 pass

Size: 15.641 MB Author: ostrix36 Updated: 5 Dec @ 1:02pm
S.S. Starling

As of 9PM December 4 Starling has been updated with new suites and ship wide heating! Yes she does sink. The sink button is in the engine room at the back. The button to deploy lifeboats is in front of the port nameplate Startup Sequence Startup is really easy, make sure the boiler systems are on, t

Size: 10.146 MB Author: JofReddy Updated: 4 Dec @ 6:25pm
H.S.F. "MANGET" Mk.II Unlimited range VTOL

Fictional high tech VTOL | CTOL H.S.F "Manget" Mk.IISpecificationsGeneral characteristics• Crew: 2 Pilot, Co-Pilot• Passenger capacity: 12 seats, 2 medical beds• Length: 20.25 m (82 ft 10.0 in)• Width: 19.90 m (65 ft 3.5 in)• Height: 7.25 m (23 ft 9.4 in)• Empty weight: 23,597 kg (52,022

Size: 2.136 MB Author: Higi Updated: 30 Nov @ 12:54pm