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Grumman G-21 Goose

Grumman G-21 Goose (1:1 Scale)The Grumman G-21 Goose is an amphibious flying boat designed by Grumman to serve as an eight-seat "commuter" aircraft for businessmen in the Long Island area. The Goose was Grumman's first monoplane to fly, its first twin-engined aircraft, and its first aircraft to ente

Size: 0.825 MB Author: Thales Updated: 16 Dec @ 5:39am
Messerschmitt Bf 109

Messerschmitt Bf 109 (1:1 Scale)The Messerschmitt Bf 109 is a German World War II fighter aircraft. It was built more than 30 thousand between 1930s and late 1950s.This model is based on Bf 109G-6 variant. The scale and the shape are as realistic as possible, fuselage is 3 blocks wide. For the first

Size: 0.654 MB Author: Thales Updated: 16 Dec @ 9:04am
Sail Vessel "Heleonor" Pirate Ship (FIXED)

Working Pirate Sail Vessel, relatively fast (for a sail ship), stable and easy to maneuver. Ready to shoot and board your friends, or just enjoy a relaxing journey across the seven seas in your hammock while listening the sound of the ocean. I forgot to say it has 8 cannons, 3 for each side and 2 in

Size: 2.621 MB Author: killman88 Updated: 11 Dec, 2022 @ 9:17am
NordahlLunden M2A1 Rook - Main Battle Tank

Newquay Armed Forces Collection NordhalLunden SE Collection Vehicle might not work properly without high physicsDESCRIPTIONWhen the NQAF started noticing the their M1A0 Devastators shortcomings in combat it was decided that the NQAF needed a new MBT. NordhalLunden eventually won the subsequent bid

Size: 1.237 MB Author: Keh Updated: 21 Dec, 2022 @ 2:58pm
GIM-5 Spiral Close-Range SAM System

DESCRIPTION The GIM-5 "Spiral" SHORAD/Close-Range Air Defence system is a modular SAM system designed for being transportable, lightweight and act as a deterrence for a localised airspace. The system comes with several different capabilities to supplement its air defence role and acts as a smaller

Size: 0.480 MB Author: Sebastiaz | BluFFeR Updated: 15 Dec, 2022 @ 11:59am
NordahlLunden M42A1 Manticore - Heavy Infantry Support Vehicle

Newquay Armed Forces Collection NordahlLunden SE Collection DESCRIPTIONThe M42A1 "Manticore" is a heavy infantry support vehicle designed by NordahlLunden to serve as a fire support asset for Newquay infantry units. Faced with a serious need for integrated heavy fire support the Newquay army sent

Size: 0.759 MB Author: qwop Updated: 14 Dec, 2022 @ 2:45am
Agustawestland AW265 Gyrfalcon

DESCRIPTION The Agustawestland AW265 "Gyrfalcon" is a Super Medium Multirole Helicopter designed to replace the AW260 "Gryphon" in the troop transport and maritime patrol role. The "Gyrfalcon" is an advanced helicopter that is the culmination of technologies and safety features of numerous other as

Size: 1.484 MB Author: Sebastiaz | BluFFeR Updated: 12 Dec, 2022 @ 7:42pm
Synthetic Vision (Augmented Reality)

Creating triangle mesh with 2.5d delaunay triangulation and shows it on HUD with augmented reality and flat shading.The HUD has 2 touch buttons which is split in the middle of the y-axis and it increases/decreases the alpha of the drawn triangles.The 3x1 monitor is just touch for switching IR came

Size: 0.466 MB Author: Jumper Updated: 23 Dec @ 5:36am
Career Starter Semi-Autonomous Cargo Transporter

An air/ground vehicle meant to overcome the complexity and time consuming nature of Stormworks cargo delivery missions. It is amphibious and sized for the career mode starter dock. Costing only $10k, you could spawn two at the beginning of your next career mode new game, and equipped with automation

Size: 0.490 MB Author: jerryfanfan Updated: 14 Dec @ 10:13am
A Helping Paw

Current version - V 1.4 - Settings Update infoThe addon has been updated to version 1.4, new world creation settings have been added and will automatically set up defaults in existing worlds.If you don't see this reflected in game then restart steam, if it still doesn't work it might help to leave s

Size: 0.141 MB Author: Myke Updated: 22 Dec @ 3:08pm
Zombie Spawn Commands

?spawnZeds <amount> <distance> <isExploding> - spawns <amount> zombies at <distance> from player. Defaults to 1 zombie at 10 meters. If <isExploding> is true, the zombies will explode when in proximity with player. Optionally they can explode on death as well. (Re

Size: 0.082 MB Author: Chickensaur Updated: 19 Dec @ 3:53pm
Toblerone - Steam Tank Engine Shunter

DOES NOT WORK WITH INFINITE ELECTRICITYNote: very rarely sometimes chamber pressure goes crazy and the locomotive wheelspins, if you experience this just close some valves to bring back the chamber pressure to normal. Also, there are some arrows on the both sides of the locomotive, these arrows poin

Size: 0.731 MB Author: BENZIN Updated: 11 Dec @ 12:34pm

MX CREALON ALL PURPOES CREATIONpls like:::Info: leave the throttlelever (the one to the left of the pilot seat) at 15, it is ONLY used for heavy lifting or more ground speed:::FEATURES: AP ALT HOLD Silence Mode ReFlow dive system transport up to 44t WipeOut map Client Radio scanner RADARMAP Solar

Size: 1.109 MB Author: MATTH3X Updated: 13 Dec @ 1:32pm
NOR. 369 Hawk - Small Rescue Boat

Scarborough Rescue Service Vehicle CollectionSmall rescue boat used for offshore rescue.Startup - All power switches - ON - Nav lights - ON - Monitors - ON - Map/ Transponder - ON - Radar - ON (TX button on the monitor) - Engine - ON (hotkey 1)Crew - 1/3

Length - 16.25m
Width - 4.

Size: 1.088 MB Author: PrimeKing Updated: 18 Dec @ 10:18am
BAE Harrier Jump Jet GR.9A (RAF)

Extremely happy with how this turned out. British AreoSpace Systems Harrier Jump Jet GR.9A The GR.9A Is the upgraded version of the GR.9, Adding a Radar and boosting up the engine performance.This is the Royal Air-force Version, Hoping to release more versions such as American, and Thailand operator

Size: 0.782 MB Author: Ragoo Updated: 10 Dec @ 3:57pm
JDL 4-8-4 #1273 Loco

Its finally here!#1273 is a 4-8-4 Steam Locomotive owned by the fictional JD LogisticsSeparate tender is required (can be found in the required items). Make sure to hook up the hose and cable once connectedThe Johnson bar acts to adjust the timing on the cylinders. Closer to center = increased max s

Size: 0.819 MB Author: corey.deuso Updated: 21 Dec @ 4:19pm
JDL 4-8-4 #1273 Tender

Uses by KahrstromDo not use any parts of my creations without my specific permission

Size: 0.562 MB Author: corey.deuso Updated: 20 Dec @ 5:31pm
Mig-25 Foxbat

PLEASE READ CAREFULLYBut if i have forgotten anything or you have any other questions, feel free to ask!Your PHYSICS DETAIL setting is advised to be set to FULL or the aircraft might not function properly, especially the landing gear. -----------------------------------------------------------------

Size: 1.242 MB Author: SergeantTeaspoon Updated: 14 Dec @ 11:38am
NordahlLunden MT140 Fujin - SAR Boat

ATTENTION: THE TRANSPONDER TRILATERATION SYSTEM REQUIRES THE HELIOS TTS ADD-ON TO BE ENABLEDClick the image to view to the full NordahlLunden collectionDESCRIPTIONThe MT140 Fujin is an all-weather SAR boat manufactured by NordahlLunden SE. It is designed for manoeuvrability and efficiency and equipp

Size: 0.860 MB Author: qwop Updated: 15 Dec @ 8:35am
MV-22B Osprey | 1:1 Replica

Here is a MV-22B Osprey VTOL 1:1 Replica!I've wanted to build one of these ever since i saw the one that Ghost and Littlerol built, and I finally found the motivation to do one of my own! Detailing and feature-wise I've tried my best to keep it fairly accurate to the real thing, but I am not nearly

Size: 1.154 MB Author: CodCape Updated: 11 Dec @ 4:08pm