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Messerschmitt Bf 109

Messerschmitt Bf 109 (1:1 Scale)The Messerschmitt Bf 109 is a German World War II fighter aircraft. It was built more than 30 thousand between 1930s and late 1950s.This model is based on Bf 109G-6 variant. The scale and the shape are as realistic as possible, fuselage is 3 blocks wide. For the first

Size: 0.654 MB Author: Thales Updated: 16 Dec @ 9:04am
Bell-Boeing MV-22B "Osprey" circa 2006

FLIGHT MANUAL!The flight manual can be found here: most users, this manual is required. Many of the systems are not self-explanatory.THIS AIRCRAFT IS A LEARNING EXPERIENCE.The MV-22B, as you see it, is a culmination of upwards of 80

Size: 1.836 MB Author: Ghost Updated: 12 Nov @ 11:11pm
T-95|T-28 Super Heavy Tank

Download the completely new version of this tank. T-95/T-28 Fitted with a real cannon (DLC)The T-95/T-28 was a massive american tank from ww2, designed to push through german defense, it had extremely thick front armour, 305mm!Equipped with a 105mm gun, the tank could also be used as artillery.IRL m

Size: 1.212 MB Author: Erik coolman Updated: 24 Dec, 2021 @ 1:29pm
[DLC] [FPS Friendly] P700 ASW Patrol Boat "Coyote"

•••Rescue Ready - Exploration Ready - Arctic Ready - ASW Ready - Patrol Ready•••Assuming you make the recommended specs of this game, you should get good FPS with this thing. I was tired of spawining warships off the workshop and having the game become an immediate slideshow, So I made t

Size: 5.366 MB Author: Vonel Updated: 26 Mar @ 4:25pm
MBT-Guardian TESHIII ( Weapon DLC Tank)

神秘代码:+QQ 977614762 看暴躁老哥性感吹水你好。如你所见.基于 K.Pabla 创造的高生存性坦克该载具被设计为拥有较高成员生还率的主战坦克同时拥有较强的态�

Size: 1.608 MB Author: Foggy47 Updated: 26 Oct @ 11:42pm
[DLC] T-80U

My first dwelling into the MBT world, this time recreating one of my favourite tanks: the T-80UThis tank is simplified for the purposes of allowing a single player to fend off most ground vehicles (especially AI), hence the 1-crew setup. Though the exterior was recreated with the intention of resemb

Size: 0.521 MB Author: Kobra Updated: 25 Nov @ 10:21am
P-118 Templar Fast Attack Missile Boat

MAKE SURE TO READ THE NOTES BELOW The P-118 "Templar" is a Fast Attack Missile Boat derived from the P-117 "Phoenix" due to an increase in requirements within several areas for Newquay Maritime. Such areas included armament, speed and response time, these areas became highly apparent after a few ye

Size: 8.870 MB Author: Sebastiaz | BluFFeR Updated: 18 Dec, 2021 @ 4:59am
P-119 Tresco High Intensity Gun Boat

Newquay Armed Forces CollectionMAKE SURE TO READ THE NOTES BELOWThe P-119 "Tresco" is a High Intensity Gun Boat derived from the P-117 "Phoenix". The P-117 was found to not be entirely suitable to the needs of the Newquay Maritime, particularly with regards to it's armament and endurance, as such an

Size: 14.163 MB Author: Oh no look who Updated: 7 Feb @ 4:03pm
Sverd Class Corvette - High Speed Warship

The Sverd class corvette is a high speed tactical coastal defense corvette inspired by the Norwegian Skjold class. It’s main defense is its incredible speed of 60 knots which is gains from being a turbine powered catamaran mixed with a hovercraft. It’s most important weapon is its 16 guided mis

Size: 13.974 MB Author: Lorgs Updated: 25 Oct, 2021 @ 9:33am
Carrier Based VTOL Stealth Fighter TR-34 C

Introducing the TR-34C About the aircraft TR-34 is a single-seat, single-engine, all-weather stealth multirole combat aircraft.The most numerous type in inventory for the Navy.Capable of ground attack, air superiority and air-to-air combat, the C-variant is more manoeuvrable, with superior trans

Size: 0.651 MB Author: G_Tugg Updated: 24 Sep @ 8:20am
SA-B27 Aquilla - Multipurpose bomber

Introducing the SA-B27 Aquilla The heat is turning up.. and the Ashen are called to conflicts all over the world. Our losses were significant due to outdated aircraft but now we have the best tool there can be...The Aquilla is a variable wing sweep semi-strategical bomber capable of direct ground s

Size: 6.525 MB Author: Jan Updated: 13 Nov, 2021 @ 8:50am
J-105B Dagger Fighter-Interceptor

Newquay Maritime Naval Branch CollectionNewquay Weapons Pack The J-105 Dagger is a single seat Fighter-Interceptor. Newquay Maritime Designed the new fighter after a realization for a fast, lightweight fighter was needed to combat enemy jets. The J-105 was born. Its top speed was remarkable, at 432k

Size: 0.974 MB Author: Sid V Updated: 19 Feb, 2022 @ 3:02pm

Check out the ashen armed forces collection knots top speed at 53 rps888 km/hPitch and Roll Stabiliseryaws while rolling when stabiliser active(meant for online play where lag makes flying with raw inputs difficult)6

Size: 0.825 MB Author: Karnivool Updated: 13 May, 2022 @ 9:16pm
[DLC] CL4 "L'immortel" Class Light Cruiser

CL4 "L'immortel" Class Light CruiserFictional French light cruiser that earned its immortal reputation by returning to port after multiple storms and Megalodon attacks.Don't forget to like if you do :)FeaturesTop speed 33knots, Cruise speed 20 knots.Full interiorAuto pilotCoincidence/Optical Range F

Size: 7.159 MB Author: puipuix Updated: 6 Nov, 2021 @ 12:24pm
P-111 Drache Light Fast Attack Boat

DESCRIPTION The P-111 "Drache" is a Light Fast Attack Boat made for low to medium intensity hit and run operations using an easy-to-handle & cheap chassis as a basis, as well as performing high-speed & agility JTAC operations similar to that of the P-120 "Raven". In terms of technicality, t

Size: 1.358 MB Author: Sebastiaz | BluFFeR Updated: 23 Dec @ 10:16am
P-122 Talon Offshore Patrol Vessel

DESCRIPTIONThe P-122 "Talon" Offshore Patrol Vessel was the Newquay Maritime Branch's answer to the need for a low cost Offshore Patrol Vessel to provide Search & Rescue and Fisheries & Environmental Protection duties in Territorial Waters and Exclusive Economic Zones. The preceding P-117 "P

Size: 4.186 MB Author: Oh no look who Updated: 9 Aug, 2022 @ 7:52pm
P-121 Griffon Sub Hunter

Newquay Maritime Naval Branch Collection DESCRIPTIONThe P-121 Griffon was designed as a dedicated submarine hunter, featuring the latest equipment to destroy enemy submarines. Featuring 4 Curveball EPN Guided torpedoes, with 10 depth charges, long range Anti Ship Radar, Anti Submarine Sonar, and pac

Size: 5.766 MB Author: Sid V Updated: 18 Dec, 2021 @ 5:54pm
SA-B24 Arya - Heavy CAS/medium bomber

Introducing the SA-B24 Arya The SA-B24 Arya is a twin engine heavy close air support aircraft. Thanks to its two powerful jet engines it can reach a speed of up to 560kts! The focus was given mainly to firepower and Arya sure has a lot to offer in this field.. deadly 30mm rotary autocannon in the n

Size: 2.503 MB Author: Jan Updated: 13 May @ 6:04am
Ridgeboar MRV3 - Modular Offroad Hybrid Truck

The Ridgeboar Multi Role Vehicle 3 is a modular offroad truck capable of any task imaginable with its huge (and growing) selection of modules. There’s modules for everything from cargo hauling, general utilitarian work, rescue, firefighting and even defense. You can even make your own modules wit

Size: 1.200 MB Author: Lorgs Updated: 13 Jan, 2022 @ 1:15pm

Low Altitude Assault Transport/Infantry (LAAT/i) Gunship REMASTEREDA remaster of my 2019 LAAT gunship featuring the weapons DLC, better design, and superior aesthetic (I hope). NOTE: USE MEDIUM PHYSICS SETTINGS OR LOWER FOR BEST EXPERIENCE.Stormworks doesn't like subgrids and they impact flight. Ful

Size: 2.078 MB Author: Jyochi Updated: 4 May, 2022 @ 6:30pm