TGV12 | Sports Train from "Top Gear" for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

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Author: mcsteve89

Size (unpacked): 0.429 MB

Updated: 24 Dec @ 7:21am

Tags: Vehicle Exploration Delivery Technical Creative Mechanical Advanced Land v1.6.10

Designed by a man whose genius "generates gravity", the TGV12, aka Sports Train had one role to play. It was to race against the incredibly stiff competition of the Caravan Train operated by Captain Slow. The race was incredibly intense as the Sports Train had a very hard time keeping up with the Caravan Train, but at the end it just barely managed to scrape into first place.


Top speed: 100-110 MPH
Length: (Including voxels) 14.25 Meters
Width: 2.75 Meters
Height: 3 Meters


-Seating for 6
-Detachable trailer
-Headlights, Brake lights, EOT light
-V12(ish) engine


-To start, simply press the 'start engine button' and turn off the parking brake
-The throttle is in sticky mode, so you just need to throttle it up and it can just go by itself
-The gearbox has neutral, 1 reverse speed, and 3 forward speeds
-since modular engines are a nightmare to cool down (or maybe I'm just incompetent) there is a system in place that will automatically shut off the engine when it reaches 105 degrees, and will not turn back on until it goes under 100. It can be toggled off for when you have engine overheating off.


-This is NOT a 1:1 recreation. I only used two videos as a source and didn't look for any measurements.

Recreation of the TGV12 "Sports Train" from Top Gear

Do Not Re-upload.