The Track-House for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

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Author: Geley

Size (unpacked): 1.002 MB

Updated: 29 Oct, 2019 @ 11:38am

Tags: Vehicle Exploration Technical Creative Mechanical Advanced Land Wip v0.9.7

Just a cozy cabin. Also, it is a train!

The Track-House is a fully furnished, two-bedroom cabin with plenty of space for 1.5 persons.

  • Full-size kitchen
  • Master Bedroom
  • Two Lofts: one bedroom and one for attic storage
  • Working fireplace (Thanks to CrazyFluffyPony!)
  • 2 full pints, for you and the boys
  • Large, open living room, w/ sofa and television
  • Basement
  • High-quality hardwood flooring
  • Front yard w/ garden
  • Back porch sectional
  • Is also a train
  • Powerful & efficient home generator system
  • Exterior flood-lights
  • Large, 1500 Liter generator fuel tank

Here is how it works:
  1. The throttle is controlled by W and S keys
  2. The clutch is controlled by the Up and Down arrow keys
  3. Brakes are applied by holding down D
-The generator is ready-to-run out of the box, just turn on the fuel pump, and hold the starter for a second to get it to recharge the house batteries. You can lower the throttle if you want to preserve fuel, however it is just fine at 100%.


Some features may not work just yet, I will try to list all of them here:
  1. The master bathroom is incomplete.

  2. I am aware the television does not work, I will get that working soon!

  3. There is no parking brake yet, which is fine, since it's a house and "totally doesn't move or anything".

  4. The wind vane in the garden doesn't currently transmit data, I will implement that.

  5. Generator refueling port could work, I never actually tested that :/

  6. The dog escaped, I cannot find where he went.


  1. Improved electrical/fuel system
  2. Working plumbing w/ water storage tanks
  3. Live feed weather information channel on TV +broadcast ability
  4. Renovated loft/attic spaces
  5. Reworked couplers
  6. Totally overhauled driving room
    -More system information
    -Gauges that are more intuitive
    -Just a much nicer room in general

- Many thanks to CrazyFluffyPony, for designing that beautiful fireplace script for me!

DO NOT re-upload this to the Steam Workshop, in ANY FORM, without my permission! Thanks!

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