Turbo-Bob's Discount T-28 Trojan for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

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Author: Turbo Shark

Size (unpacked): 0.550 MB

Updated: 28 Dec @ 11:06am

Tags: Vehicle Air Advanced v1.6.10

Turbo Bob's Bargain Basement Trojan

Welcome to Turbo-Bob's Bargain Flight Barn Academy. Here at Turbo-Bob's we have immaculately maintained, top of the line, state of the art training aircraft. What? It look's like someone stole it from a navy boneyard in the 70's? What are you talking about? Of course we wouldn't do that... Landing gear welded down? It's an approved repair, hydraulic oil aint cheap you know... The prop hub looks welded up? Yeah Janie-May got a bit carried away with the welder. Missing half the instruments? Not at all, we've removed all but the most necessary equipment for weight savings, which means fuel savings which means money savings. Besides, not relying on your instruments and flying by the seat of yer britches makes you a much better pilot! SAFE?!?! Of course it's safe! Now just sign this waver and we'll make you an aviator in no time!

This is my realistic trainer on a 20k budget for Captain Cockerel's first Build Challenge. It is based loosely on the T-28 Trojan, with a lot of liberties taken and concessions made due to the rules limitations. It's the first normal fixed wing plane I've ever made, and the first time I've used modular engines but I think it came out pretty well. It was a lot of fun to build whiles applying all the things I've learned building other types of aircraft and is also fun to fly. It is a bit overpowered for a realistic takeoff and landing experience, but has a realistic top speed. It's about 10% bigger than the real thing, I'd have had to make the fuselage even block width to get it properly scale, so I just eyeballed everything to "kinda close" scale.


11.25m/36.9 ft
13.25m/43.5 ft
3.75m/12.3 ft
Dry Weight
1833kg/4040 lbs
Fuel Capacity
840 litres/222 gallons
Cruise Speed
170 knots
Flight Time (Cruise)
37 minutes
Range (Cruise)
190km/120 miles
Fuel Burn (Cruise)
22 litres/6 gallons per minute
Max Speed
217 knots
Takeoff Speed
100 knots
Approach Speed
95 knots
Landing Speed
85 knots

Flight Manual

A/D: Roll
W/S: Pitch
Right/Left: Yaw & Nose Wheel Steering
Up/Down: Engine Throttle
Space: Toe Brakes
1: Flaps Up
2: Flaps Down


CAUTION: AIRCRAFT STALL SPEED: 80 knots IAS. Do not operate this aircraft at lower than 90 knots during normal flight, as heavy manoeuvring at less than 90 knots can cause departure of controlled flight.

NOTE: All controls and instruments duplicated in both front and back seats. Flight controls are mechanically linked full time, there is no requirement to switch control from one seat to the other.

NOTE: The Bargain Trojan relies on trim like a real aircraft. At different throttle and flap settings the aircraft will pitch forward or aft, using the key to trim the aircraft is required to correct any continuing pitch rotation. Trim can be very useful during the landing phase, with the correct trim setting the aircraft will maintain a steady attitude for the entire landing approach almost "hands off" with only minor corrections required.

NOTE: The aircraft is aerodynamically stable and will tend to straight and level in the roll and yaw axes, as well as the pitch when properly trimmed. It will enter a coordinated turn with roll input with only a small amount of pitch or yaw input required for fine tuning.

Startup Procedure:
  1. Brake Release set OFF
  2. Master Power set ON
  3. Beacon set ON
  4. Engine Throttle set ZERO
  5. Magnetos set ON
  6. Clear Prop
  7. Starter Button: Hold until ignition
  8. Cowl Flaps set OPEN as required if Cylinder Head Temperature approaches 100°C
  1. Engine Throttle set ZERO
  2. Taxi Lights set ON
  3. Toe Brakes DEPRESSED
  4. Park Brake Release set ON
  5. Toe Brakes RELEASED
  6. Engine Throttle and Brakes As Required
Takeoff Procedure:
  1. Verify all primary controls move full deflection and in correct sense
  2. Canopy set CLOSED
  3. Nav Lights set As Required
  4. Strobes set ON
  5. Beacon set OFF
  6. Landing Lights set to ON
  7. Flaps set 1 NOTCH
  8. Cowl Flaps set OPEN
  9. Trim set NEUTRAL
  10. Toe Brakes DEPRESSED
  11. Park Brake Release set ON
  12. Engine Throttle set 75%
  13. Toe Brakes RELEASED
  14. ROTATE AT 100 knots IAS
  1. Reduce Engine Throttle AS REQUIRED
  2. FLAPS UP AT 140 knots IAS
  3. Landing Lights set to OFF
  1. Landing Lights set ON
  2. Park Brake Release set ON
  3. Flaps set 2 NOTCHES
  4. Engine Throttle set 20%
  6. Approach Speed: Maintain 95 knots IAS
  7. Reduce Engine Throttle as required for 80 knots IAS touchdown speed
  8. FLARE
  9. Engine Throttle set 0%
  10. Toe Brakes AS REQUIRED
Post Landing:
  1. Flaps set FULL UP
  2. Trim set NEUTRAL
  3. Landing Lights set OFF
  4. Beacon set ON
  5. Strobe set OFF
  1. Park Brake Release set OFF
  2. Engine Throttle set ZERO
  3. Magnetos set OFF
  4. Cowl Flaps set CLOSED
  5. All Lights set OFF
  6. Flaps set FULL UP
  7. Trim set NEUTRAL

Current issues/bugs:
* It keeps turning after the brakes are applied sometimes and I can't for the life of me work out why.
* The canopy sometimes gets into a bit of a mood, but just wait a second and open/shut it again and it comes right every time.


Struner's Throttle Sync
Bassalicious's Instruments
Zachatttack227's cosmetic radial engine
Adester's AFR Controller

Hopefully haven't missed anyone.