USS Iowa BB61 Battleship for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

Here you can download USS Iowa BB61 Battleship mod for Stormworks: Build and Rescue. Its full description is below. Visit our blog to find out how to install the mod.

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Author: Enzocats

Size (unpacked): 84.177 MB

Updated: 19 Aug @ 8:12pm

Tags: Environment Mod v1.5.7

USS Iowa 1:1 Scale Battleship

This ship is very large and has lots of interior- a good computer is recommended

-1:1 Scale
-Fully modeled engine and boiler rooms, superstructure interior, crew mess halls and barracks, captain's suite, and many interior hallways to explore
-Realistic top speed of 33KTS
-Functional 16in and 5in guns, compatible with weapons DLC
-Two fully functional Curtiss SC-1 Seaplanes along with deck launchers
-GPS gun targeting system
-Working anchors

Setting Sail
The boat spawns at the custom oil rig. There is no startup procedure as the boat activates its engines automatically. However they can take a minute or two to fire up.

Helms to control the boat are located in the forward conning tower and in the superstructure. The rudders can also be controlled from the rudder steerage rooms at the back of the boat.

Control for the 3 16-in guns is located in the battery plotting room on the lower deck near the engine and boiler rooms. However, they can also be controlled through the helm located inside each gun house.

Curtiss SC-1 Seahawk
The seaplanes at the back of the boat are fully functional. To use them, angle the deck launcher outwards and move the plane backwards. Noclip to get in the cockpit and turn on the magneto and stabilizer switches. Start the engine and press 1 when you are ready to launch. Make sure to pull up hard as soon as you press launch. The weapons on the plane require infinite ammo.

Tips and Tricks
-Any doors with red handles on the interior are doors that can be opened. This is useful because there are a lot of fake locked doors within the depths of the ship.
-The engines take a little bit to rev when you throttle up. Keep this in mind if you are in a combat situation

Propulsion Glitch
Radar System