WW2 Luftwaffe Rettungsboje (Rescue Buoy) for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

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Author: Elon_Muts

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Updated: 12 Oct @ 4:37pm

Tags: Vehicle Rescue Sea Technical Mechanical Advanced Underwater Stationary v1.5.17

This special type of buoy was first seen in the second world war being used by the Germans so save pilots who were shot down over the English channel and North Sea.
These things could hold up to 4 people for a couple of days.
The Rettungsboje were fitted out with dry clothes, food, sparkling water and in most cases even board games, cigarettes and alcohol.

Every once In a while a special medical ship would pass all the buoys to see if they were occupied.
Later during the war the British also made their own version called the ASR (Air-Sea Rescue).
These resembled a more typical boat shape, however without any means of propulsion.

This Stormworks variant features 4 beds, 4 arctic gear, loads of flares and flare guns, what more do you need right?
It also features a built in anchor for waters up to 150 meters deep.